2T Biotin Water® Continues its Validation Throughout The Southeast

In a fierce competitive industry 2T Water has met all the requirements for an up and coming beverage brand and continues to gain validation from the industry’s most creditable source, consumers.  Its Biotin Water® product has scrapped its way into hundreds of independent retailers in the Southeast while performing well against other brands in its category.  The company is now in its 4th year with the Biotin Water® product entering its 2nd year in the portfolio and leading the company’s sales volume.

The Biotin Water® formulation has sparked interest by thousands of consumers who take the pill form of the vitamin for hair, skin, and nails.  Online orders have tripled since the first year it was released.  Now coupled with the company’s aggressive grass roots marketing campaign, expectations are high.  2T Water has signed up to attend several different expos and shows in the Southeast to continue bringing awareness to the brand in 2017.  The brand also has its eyes set on some of the larger big box retailers to distribute the product and expand its reach.  “We know this product is something special because real consumers tell us every day.  Not only do they tell us, they also validate our Biotin Water® through repeat purchases, said Eric Wells, 2T Water, CEO.”

The product has 0 sugars and 0 calories and is sweetened with Monk fruit and Stevia.  The product delivers the proper daily dosage of biotin at 300 mcg.  It aims to eliminate the extremely high doses of the pill form that customers use.  “Most customers are unaware of the proper amount of biotin that they should take, but Biotin Water® gives them the benefits and proper hydration all in a tasty beverage.  Customers are really shocked when they see Biotin Water® on our signage and bottles.  Their immediate response is, “Wow, I have to try that”, said Eric.”

2T Water, LLC  is a new age beverage company committed to introducing premium beverages that are made with the finest quality of water.  It is a health conscious company that focuses mainly on health beverages.  For more information on Biotin Water® please visit us at www.2TWater.com.

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